I produce and edit my own videos using a multitude of recording devices. I edit all of my video with Final Cut Pro on the Mac operating system, and host videos on both my Vimeo and YouTube channel. Here are some videos that are representative of what I have produced over the years.

PEMPix 2021

Okay, so maybe this video lays bare my love for the 1980s and classic video games, but it also demonstrates the cumulative skill that I’ve acquired over the years in video production. This might be my favorite educational video that I’ve ever produced.

FOAM Road Trip

This is the presentation that Julia Magana, Jason Woods, and I created for the 2021 AAP National Conference and Exhibition Section on Emergency Medicine session. It reviews the history of FOAM, quality assessments and how we can use digital scholarship to disseminate new knowledge.

Virtual Tour of the Cincinnati Children’s Burnet Campus

This is the official tour video of the main Cincinnati Children’s campus that was shared with applicants during he 2020-21 interview season. I combined Cincinnati Children’s digital assets with my now recorded footage and provided the narration.

Alternate realities: Fixing a broken system to care for kids

This is the video presentation I produced for the 2020 Don’t Forget the Bubbles Live + Connected virtual conference. It focuses on some of the challenging issues we face delivering care to children in the complex United States healthcare system, as well as some of the specific responses that the city of Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio, and Cincinnati Children’s have made. I used a variety of techniques in reducing this video, including recorded Keynote presentations, extensive green screen work, and custom graphics.

The REVERT maneuver

A brief review of a bedside maneuver that can be incredibly successful in converting SVT.

A comprehensive review of the technique for pediatric lumbar puncture that I produce for the AAP’s PediaLink platform.

Cincinnati Children’s Pediatric Resident Testimonials

In anticipation of the virtual recruitment season in 2020 and 2021 I produced a series of videos featuring our residents that discussed various facets of resident life. Some, like the video above featuring pediatric resident Chinese Ebo, focused on why they chose Cincinnati Children’s. Others highlighted research and advocacy efforts. I use green screen and bright vibrant colors to highlight the personalities and unique interests of our residents. You can check out all of the videos here.

Probiotics for gastroenteritis

This video features James Gray and David Schnadower from Cincinnati Children’s and University of Cincinnati discussing the recent study published in the New England Journal of Medicine that showed no benefit for children with gastroenteritis who were treated with Lactobacillus rhamnosus versus placebo. You can check out the full article at the New England Journal of Medicine.

The circulatory exam and assessment

This video was a part of a collaboration between myself and Ashish Shah, now a Pediatric Emergency Medicine physician in San Diego, as we attempted to study a virtual reality based intervention to teach the circulation exam to pediatric residents. This training video was a part of the “control” arm, and features my son.

A tutorial video for pediatric residents

This is an example of a very simple demo-video that I have made over the years. This one combines voice over, title cards, and screen recording to demonstrate how to access practice habits data in our system.

Bonus: My anniversary videos

Instead of making it to Hallmark to buy the perfect card for my wife, I have settled for making anniversary videos. Here are a couple of them…